Edu Passion is an annual event held in Senior High school 3 Bandung. In this event, there's a lot of college booths, academic course booths, and even food booths! The purpose of this event is to give all students in this high school the image about college and the faculty they want to go.

Me and my friends made a vlog there. I'll put the video thumbnail down here so make sure you watch it!


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The Food Of Hell From Indonesia
Famous as one of the best tropical countries, Indonesia provides tons of uniqueness and excitement. Its nature, culture, and art always bring millions of tourist each year. However, this time we are going to talk about one thing, Indonesia’s cuisine, in particular Sambal. Sambal or sambel is infamous among tourist as the food of hell for its undeniable ability to make the consumer produces tears and sweat when eating. Produced using chili as its main ingredient, sambal is indeed taste extremely spicy. Sambal is made by grinding ‘cabai’ or chili, along with several complements such as onion, cherry,  tomato, ‘terasi’, sugar, and salt. The ingredients are grinded using traditional tool made usually from wood or plastic. The texture is smooth with a vibrant color of green and red, depending on which chili you use. Infamous among tourists for its spiciness, many tourists avoid it. However, some of them are challenged and try to eat it. Those who dare to try usu…


Scientific classification —Kingdom : Animalia —Phylum : Chordata —Order : Artiodactyla —Family : Physeteridae —Genus : Physeter —Species : Physetermacrocephalus

1. External appearance
—The sperm whale is the largest toothed whale, with adult males measuring up to 20.5 meters long and weighing up to 57,000 kilograms. Average Sizes Length weight Male 16 meters 41.000 kilograms Female 11 meters 14.000 kilograms Newborn 4 meters


Me and Mochammad Fadlan Adhari will describe about Bunaken, but we made it different way from other that is QnA. So here's the Q & A that me and Mochammad Fadlan Adhari have gathered from our friends!
1. Where is the coordinate of Bunaken? (from : Achmad Dinand W.)
    1.6758° N, 124.7556° E(source : google)

2. Who founded Bunaken? (from : M. Fadhlan Solihan)
    Ricky Lasut, 1975

3. Who named Bunaken? (from : Sekar Ariane M)
    in 1850, villagers at Tanjung Parigi moved to the Southeast, at a seashore that opposite with Manado, and made a new country named "Wunakeng", abbreviated from "Kinawunakeng". It means an residence. Then, it changed to "Bunaken"

4. What is Bunaken means? (from : M. Ibrahim Aziz)
    Kinawunakeng changed to Wunakeng and it means residence and changed again to Bunaken. But, the others side said that the name of Bunaken abbreviated from "Pamunakeng", and it means a place to land.

5. What makes Bunaken be a one of a tourists…


Hello friends, today i will tell you my experience when attending festival Gathapraya.
What is Gathapraya? Gathapraya is the name of a cultural festival held this year. Cultural festivals are performed annually under different names. The event is open late in the afternoon. Those who follow the event must purchase tickets either online or on-site. The event was enlivened by inviting several famous singers or bands in Indonesia such as Hivi!, Nidji, Elephant Kind. Also there are performances from theater excursion from sman 3 Bandung. In addition, there is a foodcourt here that sells various foods and beverages. The festival finished midnight, so much fun!

LDKS 3’2020

Hello friends, i will share my experience during basic training activities of student leadership. This activity was held in pusenif for 3 days. There we do various activities such as learning, outbound, line-marching and much more. 
On the first day, the activity begins with the opening ceremony and is followed by learning about the state defending.
On the second day, we do march-line activities all day. activity finished at 4 pm. This activity is very tiring and during the day the weather is very hot.
And in the last day, we do outbound activities. There are various activities that are, throwing knives, crawling under iron wire, and activities that require cooperation. After completion, the activities continued with lunch and watching movies, then we went back to the barracks to prepare things to go home. The event closed with the closing ceremony, after which the students are welcome to go home.