"What are you going to do in holiday?"

Me       : "Yo, 'sup dlan?" Fadlan : "I'm good bruh." Me       : "Oh, that's good to hear! On December we'll have a long holiday. Do you have any plan?" Fadlan : "I think, i'll goin' to Jakarta." Me       : "Why Jakarta?" Fadlan : "I want to hang out with my junior high school friends." Me       : "Oooh, what are you going to do there btw?" Fadlan : "To celebrate the new year ofc." Me       : "Then?" Fadlan : "I think i'll go to dufan after that." Me       : "Sounds great!" Fadlan : "Ofc, many recreation spot there!" Me       : "How long will you stay in Jakarta?" Fadlan : "I think, i'll stay for 3 days." Me       : "Where?" Fadlan : "In my friend's house." Me       : "How many of your friends will go to Jakarta?" Fadlan : "Euhmmm, 7 maybe?" Me       : "Ooh i see." Fadlan : "O…

"GOD SAVED ME" Moment.

On Sunday morning when i was 9, i played with my friends. I and my friends are walking around the complex, and ate breakfast. Then, when i and my friends going outside the complex, we chased by a dog. Hahaha it was so fun but it's also scary at the same time, then we're going to the railroad. We're walking on the railroad not so far and then i heard the sound of a train. When i turn around i saw a train in fronts of us going real fast. The train is like is going to ram us. It was so scary, then i and my friends jump to the right side, escaping from the railroad, then the train passed us. I feel relieved that we got escaped from the railroad before the train rams us. If i didn't jump out the railroad, maybe this blog never existed.

"Meet my new friend, Fadlan." Dialogue

Fadlan : "Assalamualaikum." Me       : "Wa'alaikumsalam, hey!" Fadlan : "What's your name?" Me       : "I'm Zaki. Nice to meet you, and what's your name?" Fadlan : "Ooh Zaki, My name is Fadlan. Nice to meet you too!" Me       : "How old are you?' Fadlan : "I'm 14 years old." Me       : "What? Seriously? I thought that you were 15, hahaha. It means that you born on 2003 right?" Fadlan : "Oh really? Hahaha. Yes, i was born on 2003 and how about you? How old are you?" Me       : "I'm 15 years old." Fadlan : "Oh, i see." Me       : "Where are you come from?" Fadlan : "I'm from Bandung." Me       : "Oh really? I'm from Bandung too!" Fadlan : "Where do you live in Bandung?" Me       : "I live in Complex Griya Caraka Block B number 8, and you?" Fadlan : "Ooh i lve in Setraria St. 26." Me       : "What'…

Blog Prologue

Sup guys, my name is Zaki. This my first post and for this post i'll introduce myself.

My name is Muhammad Zaki Dzunurain, you can call me Zaki. I'm 15 years old and i attend Bandung Public High School 3. I have one little brother and three little sisters. I have a lots of hobbies. I like reading, mostly a fantasy novel and comics, i like watching movies, and much more. My phone number is 081377808585.
I think, that's all for my first post. It's really short though but whatevs XD. Bye guys, see you in my next post!